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If you are a Monty Python fan, you remember the goofy bunch of Knights who set out on a grand quest to find the Holy Grail. They were hugely inept and intensely funny, with moments of sheer lunacy.

Don’t know about you, but I totally relate to the Knights.

Especially when it comes to questing in search of deep change. Transformation. Evolution.

Because evolution, the grandest quest of all, is messy, confusing, occasionally overwhelming and definitely crazy-making as we sift through life lessons, only to find that as we “wake up,” we start feeling stuff we’d really rather not feel.


Whoever said ignorance is bliss MUST have been a recovering quester.



The funny thing is, it all leads to incredible breakthroughs and life changing turnarounds.

If we let it.

Major transformation, while useful and desirable includes periods of confusion, especially when things don’t look the way you thought they would. The way they were supposed to look.

And by the way – navigating these periods of confusion can be crazy-making, more so when you don’t know how to handle the “walking in the wilderness”  portion of the program.

Here’s what I mean: Seventeen years ago, I hit a watershed. Most of the things that defined my life were washed away by a flood tide of change.


I found myself alone, facing the stark realization that my life was not going to look the way I had always thought it would.

The bottom dropped out of my world.

And I did what any “normal” person would do in that situation – anyone who had worked diligently to become aware and enlightened and conscious and all that other… stuff.

I had a temper tantrum with God.

A hissy fit with the Universe. A major, “Oh, no, you di-n’t” moment with my Soul self. All in reaction to the “learning situation” I was in at the time.

It was not pretty. There were tears, and howls and as I recall, a lot of mucus. (Why catharsis can’t be tidier, I’ll never know)


In the calm after the storm, I heard the Small Still Voice Within.

And in that place of quietness, I was given a process to facilitate the deep change I was craving for myself.

A process that turned my entire life around in a matter of days. Nine days, to be precise.

By day 4, the terrible, raw grief began to lift. Just a smidge.

By day 5, I could remember to practice gratitude. And almost feel it.

By day 7, I stopped hemorrhaging emotion.

And by day 9, I had walked through a fire and come out not just intact, but more whole than ever.

Lest you think this is just an airy-fairy, fluff-you-up story, hang on…


In that 9 days, I redesigned my life – my way, for me.

Not based on what a book or a teacher told me.

What was really amazing: Over the next four years, that design completely manifested as my reality.

Beyond the peace of mind and love of life I’d wanted so badly, I also had a new wardrobe, new car, newly refurbished home, new love, and full business.

Just to name a few.

Did I mention: My coaching business doubled in two weeks after I did this process the first time?

Or that I hit 6 figures in a matter of months…?


What blows my mind about all this now is that this 9-day process works for everyone – not just me!

How do I know?

I’ve shared it with clients often over the past fifteen years and every single one has told me about the extraordinary changes they experienced.

What’s more, as I’ve grown and changed over the years, so has the 9 day process for facilitating deep change.

I’ve field-tested the evolved Process with beta groups and heard consistent feedback that continues to amaze and humble me about the life-changing potential of this process.

Quite simply…it works. And what excites me most of all is it works for you in your way to help unlock what’s waiting to be unlocked now so you can access your own inner treasures.

Turns out, the Holy Grail of Enlightenment really does exist – within you.


And I have a way to help you move from feeling like a lost Knight in rusty armor, stumbling around in the dark and the cold, to striding forward empowered with possibility, clarity and peace again.

In just 9 days.

So if you’re seeking, searching, and running into all manner of challenges…

Wondering what it’s going to take for you to finally get what you want…

BE where you want to be in your life…

Be who you really want to be (need to be)…

Wondering where the blasted Holy Grail is, or if it really exists…

I will show you where it lives inside you, how to access it and how to manifest it.

In just 9 days.

If you’re ready.


Change does not have to take several lifetimes.

‘Lunacy’ is usually a gateway to wisdom. And sometimes what you most need IS something completely different.

A 9 day process + Three bonus classes = One multi-dimensional journey.


If you’re thinking, “Yes, Lyn, this sounds good but …I don’t have the time or the cash or ….. or …..” – I’ve just one last question for you:



If what you’ve been doing has not brought you what you most want, why not try something completely different?

Whether it’s losing that last 5 pounds, stopping smoking, building your self confidence, exercising more, having a cleaner home, better job, …you can use this process for anything in your life.

Whether you want clarity on next steps to take or on what’s needed so you can take them… or peace in allowing the clarity to unfold – this process has been demonstrated time and time again to help participants do this, and more.

Change is a funny thing: We fear it even while we long for it.

I’ve discovered how to tap into the heart and soul of change so you can end the conflict with change, and get clear and aligned with what you really want.

Stop limiting how your intentions manifest.

Integrate head, heart and soul.

Bring the Sacred and the practical together.

Stop fearing what you have not yet discovered about yourself.

Learn to use a framework to discover what works best for you, not what someone else (including me) tells you should work for you.

Oh, and experience major transformation along the way with more than a touch of grace.


The investment for this pivotal-transformational experience?

Since it’s still early days in the Nine Days world, you can join the adventure for $249, which is likely half what it will be in coming days.


What will you get for $249?

A container like no other for a process like no other, including:


9 daily live interactive sessions

That’s right, we will meet every day during your 9 day process, for 30 minutes. Get the reinforcement that will help you find your next pivot point in life.


3 bonus calls

A prep class and a completion class to be sure you get the most you can from this process, with a follow-up check in call to see how the changes are “sticking” for you, and explore how you continue to sustain and build on what you experience in the 9 Days Virtual Retreat.


Pre- and post-retreat assessment.

Identify and track the changes you make, to benchmark and validate your progress.


Private Facebook group page.

Share, connect, celebrate, ask questions


Optional 60 minute coaching session.

Your own private session with me to deepen your 9 Days Process, at a steeply discounted rate of $197.



The Nine Days Process will be offered again in Summer, 2015.

Schedule for the live calls:

Kick-off class – Your 9 Days Process begins, usually on a Thursday or Friday with a 90 minute introductory class. Meet your fellow journeyers in this voyage of discovery and begin to set the stage for a life-changing 9 days.

Preparatory weekend – Connect online via your private Facebook group as you prepare for your retreat.

Your nine days – Beginning on Monday after your prep weekend, meet with your 9 Days group daily for 30 minutes to check-in, celebrate and receive support.

Completion call – Close the process with a one hour completion class to ground your experience, benchmark where you are, and identify how you build on this powerfully transformational experience to continue moving forward.



This program is offered in a teleconference format. You will receive the access information for the live class sessions once your registration is confirmed.

Ready for something completely different? Use the button below to reserve your space in the 9 Days Virtual Retreat.

When I tell you this is different, I mean it. The feedback from people who are experiencing the updated work? Humbles me with the power and beauty of what’s happening for them. No fooling. And – when I just repeated the Process for myself recently, results started showing up within 48 hours.

There’s a tingle in my bones that says this work wants to go big.

If you want to experience it at the Early Days price, now is the time.


Registration link for 9 Days to Peace Group Virtual Retreat
Registration is closed at this time for the February, 2015 Nine Days Virtual Retreat. To join the wait list for the next Retreat, email


The 9 Days Process is also available in a customized Personal Virtual Retreat. If you learn best in one-to-one private sessions and if you have been hungering for a new way to deep dive into yourself or turbo-charge a project, your growth, your future – Email me at to learn more.

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