Change takes up a lot of bandwidth:

Making it.

Fighting it.

Controlling it (or rather, trying to).

Safe to say we have a lot of energy invested in change, either for or against, and sometimes both.

Here’s the thing:

You can’t force change anymore than you can push a river.

Trust me, I know. I’ve tried it. (so-o-o many times!)

And while cognitive processes are involved, they are not sufficient to facilitate lasting change. Deep change. The stuff people pay coaches for (and likely, what you’ve invested in for yourself).

Bottom line: You can’t think your way into transformation. If we could, we fractalwould have eliminated hunger, poverty and violence a long time ago.

And you’d have more of the things you truly want, no?

Think about it: ever decide January 1st to start a new exercise routine, determined THIS year will be different, no matter what, only to find by February (March at the latest), your “regular” exercise routine’s already a fading memory?

Or what about your internal fitness: Self love. Compassion. Peace. Have you ever decided it was time to DO whatever it takes to BE more of who you want to be?

Funny thing about change: While doing is involved – gotta take action at some point, right? – you can’t DO change anymore than you can think yourself into it.

And every time you (or those you serve) tackle change and it does not turn out the way you thought it would, the way you told yourself it should, the resulting “failure” slams you in your self trust.

Do this repeatedly and – oh joy of joys – it sets up a spiral into shame.

No wonder we have such a tormented relationship with change: Want it. Fear it. Want it. Fear it.

But it does not have to be that way.

You see, there’s a  nexus where intention, emotion, timing, higher purpose and evolution intersect for change that’s organic and lasting. The kind of change that transforms lives, cultures and our world.

To access this nexus?

  • Invite the irritations and frustrations you feel to whisper their insights to you. Ask that vague inner itch what scratched would look like.
  • Open your heart and extend your hand to the restlessness or yearning that circles within seeking a way to be heard and harnessed.
  • Make pain and fear your best friends, not because they define you but because of the wisdom they hold for you.

And that “fear it/want it” yo-yo? Watch the wild swings soften as your heart melts – as you integrate all the voices of your inner chorus to create a harmony beyond your wildest imaginings.

Want more?  Then, Intrepid Spirit –  I strongly invite you to join the adventure.


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