Making Room for Magic: Weeding While Walking

In late summer of 2017, we had a painful new learning on the farm through an encounter with a disease we had not previously even known about.

It led to a new practice that has had unexpected benefits.

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Protected: The Dangers of Dismissiveness and a Habit of Contempt

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Barnyard Lessons in Life, Love and Leadership: A Path for Building Trust

You may be aware that I live on 40 acres in a wilderness area, with one man, 2 cats, 3 dogs, 3 ornamental pheasants, 10 pea fowl, 11 goats, 15 sheep, 36 chickens and 50+ guinea fowl. Oh, and 5 hives full of honey bees.

What you may not know is how much these animals teach me about life, love and leadership.

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Feeding Dreams, Nurturing Goals and Life Rising

Sometimes this experience of being a physical human is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

It just is.

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Learning, Legitimacy and The Culture of Impatience

A story about expanding what is possible and transforming a culturally-mandated bias.

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Holding On, Letting Go, and Creating Space for Grace

A story about finding the capacity in which determination and surrender can co-exist. This article takes a deeper look at the questions explored in the original posting on Facebook, on 12 April, 2018.

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Triplets and Breach Births and the Glory of Unexpected Outcomes

A story about birth and how the things we want, plan for, yearn for – don’t always show up as planned. And – how wonderful that can be. I was able to experience this with a literal birth experience here on the farm where I share my life with one man, 2 cats, 3 dogs, and a variety of birds, sheep and goats.

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The Dark Side of Transformation

There’s a difference between knowing the answer…and living it. Between understanding a principle and making it part of your life in ways that rock your world. 

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Are you fighting change while chasing it?

Change takes up a lot of bandwidth:

Making it.

Fighting it.

Controlling it (or rather, trying to).

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Eat, Pray, Succeed

In the movie Eat, Pray, Love, the heroine realizes her life is no longer working. In doing what she’s always done, using familiar strategies, it becomes clear: She does not know how to resolve her growing sense of discomfort and disconnection.

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